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The quality of services and our company’s mission

Permanent and positive relations with our clients as well as continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided and delivered components, constitute the foundation for the operations and development of our company.

cięcie metalu


Our company's mission

  • Continuous improvement of customer service processes

  • Using modern manufacturing technologies

  • Continuous improvement of the quality of the offered products

  • Ensuring a short time of order fulfilment

  • Training our employees and improving their qualifications

  • Identifying and meeting legal, safety and environmental requirements

  • Full involvement of employees and management in improving the quality and processes in the organization

  • Cooperation only with certified sub-suppliers (ISO 9001, ISO 3834, ISO 14001)









Quality control department:

  • Measurement room fully equipped with the necessary tools

    • Standard electronic measuring instruments

    • Coordinate measuring machine (measuring arm)

  • Dedicated, experienced team of engineers with inspection authorizations, guaranteeing multi-stage quality control of manufactured products at individual stages of production

  • Preparation of all possible measurement reports, e.g. PPAP


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